#decolonizeLutheranism Reformation Goals

1. 10 bishops serving in the ELCA at once that are either people of color (POC), queer, transgender / gender non-conforming (trans/GNC), or have a disability, and triple the current number of women bishops (with priority to the identities above).

2. Sustainable and appropriate salaries for POC (especially womanist, mujerista, and other feminists of color), queer, trans/GNC, and disabled ELCA professors, and have at least 4 such professors at each ELCA seminary.

3. Assist the ELCA seminaries in decolonizing their curricula.

4. Research statistics on the pay and support for TEEM pastors as opposed to traditionally-ordained pastors.

5. Research and publication on the condition of POC churches and their levels of synodical and churchwide support.

6. Initiate support/action groups for #decolonizeLutheranism in every synod in the ELCA within 3 years in preparation for the 2019 Churchwide Assembly (CWA).

7. Organize classes (through any available media) in Robert Rules of Order to better equip under-represented delegates for CWA 2019.

8. Commit to amplifying 50 new blogging voices in the #decolonizeLutheranism movement during the coming year.

9. Spend the next nine months creating a #decolonizeLutheranism syllabus focusing on but not limited to Lutherans who are POC, queer, trans/GNC, and have a disability. Distribute it via social media and email by August 1, 2017.

10. Call for the production of a comprehensive text centered on global Lutheranism and advocate for its use in seminaries and parishes.

11. Advocate that in each synod, the synodical candidacy committees have queer, disabled, trans/GNC, and POC representation to allow for a greater diversity of perspectives in candidate discernment.

updated October 22, 2016