Do you want to support the work of #decolonizelutheranism– either personally or through your church or synod?  Make a tax-deductible donation in three easy yet important steps!

*Step #1*: Click here and in the “Donation” section, let us know how much you want to give. (All donations graciously processed through the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago)

*VERY IMPORTANT Step #2*: Then, in the “Designation” section, select “Other” from the drop-down menu, and in the “Other Designation” field that appears type in “Community Diversity Programs.” This will help your contribution go into the designated account.

Fill in the “Designation” section as pictured here

*EXTRA HELPFUL step #3*:
 Once you do all that, please send a note with the name of the donor and amount to [email protected] so we can track it on our end.

Thanks for your support! Tell your friends!