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To Hell With the Hot Dish
Episode 14: #DECOLONIZE – Guest speaker: Pastor Kwame Pitts

2 Bald Pastors
Episode 15: You Might be Lutheran If…. – A conversation about ‪#‎decolonizeLutheranism with Lenny Duncan and Francisco Herrera
Episode 16: Confession – The 2 Bald Pastors reflect on ‪#‎decolonizeLutheranism

Blog Posts:

Francisco Herrera

“Base Communities: A Vessel for Healing and Decolonization”

“More Than Just Table Talk: Luther Being Blunt”

“Can the ELCA be Multicultural? I’m glad you asked…”
“Standing Accused of Glory: The Heidelberg Disputation and Racism in the ELCA”

Elle Dowd
“White Niceness as the Enemy of Black Liberation”
“The Problem with ‘Diversity’ As #ChurchGoals”
“Decolonize Coffee Hour”
“Gatherings Are Transformational: An Invitation to #decolonize16”

Tuhina Rasche
“Decolonize Lutheranism”
“Decolonize Lutheranism and a Question on Leadership”

“Decolonize Grief Counseling”

Lenny Duncan
“Decolonize Lutheranism”
“Decolonize the Liturgy”
“Decolonize the Seminary”
“Radical Hospitality and Decolonizing the Heavenly Banquet”
“Sermon Preached at LSTC, October 3, 2016”

Tita Valeriano
“Decolonizing Lutheranism – A Gift or Task?”

Iren Raye
“Decolonize Lutheranism and Gender”
“Vulnerability, Security, Empire, and Confronting Racism: Inspirations from the 2016 Lutheran Ethicists Gathering”

Jason Chesnut
“#DecolonizeLutheranism – A Namibian Story”

Andrew Nelson
“My Gender…So Far”

Eric Worringer
“Reclaiming Luther the Decolonizer”

Joelle Colville-Hanson
“Social Media Campaign Challenges Lutheran Stereotypes”

Erik Thone
“Killing Lutefisk Lutheranism”

Jeremy Serrano
“What Does a Lutheran Look Like?”

Joshua Serrano
“Mixed Race, Tortillas, and #DecolonizeLutheranism”